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“I Am Not Your Nigga”

I am your brother; I’ll be your partner
I’ll be your road dog; your homie; your ace
I’m your man 50 grand
I’ll be your boy even though I am not a boy
But I am not your nigga
I’ll be someone you’re cool with
I’ll be someone that you went to school with
I’ll be that kid from around the away
I’ll be your dude from the back in the day
But I am not your nigga
Hit me off like “What’s up with ya’?”
Ask how I feel, ask what I know good
Ask me what’s going on in the hood
Don’t “What’s up my nigga” me and expect some love
If and when we disagree
Don’t come out your mouth on some; Nigga please
So all of you gangster type larger than life figures
You ballers, so-called “Real niggas”
Who turn fake and break out like chicken pox
After they let their mouths run like diarrhea
And a real man steps to them with knowledge of self
And faith in the Lord of all the worlds
While you accept and reflect a video image
That belittles the legacy of hope
That our ancestors carried over on the boat
That we would one day roll to victory like a mighty river
You see, that’s the reason why I am not your nigga
If you think of me as just a nigga, you’ll be quicker to pull the trigger
Because a nigga don’t have a pot in which to spit
But that makes no matter anyway; I’ve heard my own people say;
“Niggas ain’t shit!”
So don’t call me your nigga. I have sense of self worth
I came from and I’ll return to the ever revolving Earth
And since the Earth that gave me birth after 9 months of hell
Didn’t look at me and say; My nigga
My Queen Mother held me close to her breast,
And she smiled as though blessed
She had no regrets, so don’t call me your nigga
The same fool talking nigga this, and nigga that
Is too ashamed to say loudly and proudly; I’m Black!
Too weak of mind to look inside and find the image and likeness of God
Too quick to dismiss the notion, that just across the ocean
Is the Mother of all civilization
And like any Mother’s heart would burn
The greater Mother longs for our return
Even if our feet never touch down on her sacred ground
Set your spirits free, but that can never be
When you can only see the nigga into which you’ve been made
All across AmeriKKKa there are niggas
And like all that came before you
The ones that went out with a big bang or just a whimper
The nigga is destined to die and that’s the reason why
I am not your nigga!!!!!

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