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American Idol: The Untold Story
Richard Rushfield
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Reviewed by: Natalie Brown

I came to “American Idol: The Untold Story” as a person who did not religiously watch American Idol. I caught the first season and then snippets of the ‘drama’ that were water-cooler and rag-mag fodder in subsequent seasons. I

American Idol: The Untold Story - Richard Rushfield

American Idol: The Untold Story - Richard Rushfield

delved into my read of this book by Richard Rushfield wondering if I would truly ‘get the dirt’ and discover more behind-the-scenes drama than was already passed around the water-cooler (my water cooler is Yahoo News and the

Social Media sphere).

I have to say I was very entertained by Richard’s telling of a tale of a man whose goal seemed to be to attain power and money, using entertainment as his vehicle. Simon Fuller is one hell of a ballsy Brit who, it seems, has sacrificed some of his dream and his health in order to lead the Juggernaut that Idol became. He did well with his quest to build one of the most immense productions that American television has ever seen. He also impacted the music world on both the consumer and the business side in undeniable ways. He made a boatload of money and gave the average viewer some pretty good entertainment at the same time.

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About the author:

Natalie Brown is an Independent Pop/Soul/R&B vocalist and songwriter  who co-runs her own recording label and regularly licenses her music to Film/TV programs world-wide. Official Website: http://www.natalie-brown.com

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