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Why am I a huge fan of Tantra-zawadi’s? Because she is a wonderful poet and individual.

“Girl: The Film” is a series of short documentaries directed by Tantra-zawadi and edited by Oliver Covrett, of XyayX Multimedia. They feature uplifting messages from men and women to encourage girls in their quest for transformation, independence and self love.

Here is more information from the press release:

“‘Girl: The Film Volume I’ is a message from Ardija Red-Cloud, a 77 year-old mother/grandmother/retired guidance counselor with the New York City Department of Education, who exudes a timeless wisdom based upon her personal experiences and self discovery.

The film was shot in New York City and Cape Town, South Africa. It is directed by Ms. Zawadi and edited by Oliver Covrett of XyayX Multimedia. The New York City filming was done by Oliver Covrett and Deb Williams. Contributors are Dorothy Johnson-Laird, Blogger for Girl-Child Network Worldwide, Groove Assassin (Gotta Keep Faith Records), Soul Agenda Musique (Do It Now Recordings), singer/songwriter Dana Byrd, Tut Amin (Sankofa Soulz), Saxophonist Shannon Mowday, poetry by Nathan P. and Tshombe Sekou, with “Girl” graphic design by Stephanie Griffin and artwork by Aaron Mobley.”

To watch the documentary, click here.

Cendrine Marrouat is a freelance writer, reviewer, blogger and author living in Canada. Official website: http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com

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