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Collateral Damage

Jamie Timmons, of Halifax, lost his 23 year-old sister (Sarah Anne) to suicide. - Photo: Scott Chisholm

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Cendrine Marrouat: You have started traveling across Canada to meet and photograph those who will be featured in the book. How has the experience been for you, so far?

Scott Chisholm: That’s a big question. I knew from the first email that I would never be the same. From the beginning I wanted to create a dialogue on suicide and by making the invitation to share stories was like opening a locked door. On the other side of the locked door were and are many, many people who have been waiting to talk. Talk about their loved ones and friends that they have lost to suicide. Further, with the invitation to be photographed for the book and exhibitions people have come forward with pride, trepidation, hope and most often gratitude. Gratitude for bringing the project forward and gratitude for being acknowledged and giving them the opportunity to express how they feel.

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