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Adrienne Pierce

It was in 2005 that I heard the American group Shivaree for the first time. One of their most well-known singles, “New Casablanca,” became the song to which I listened the most that year. Well, actually, it was not really the song in itself that haunted me for months, but rather the voice of Ambrosia Parsley. A voice boasting a rare sensuality and smoothness.

We are now in 2011 and members of Shivaree disbanded four years ago. But the voice is still alive and well, and has been embodied in a Canadian singer and songwriter called Adrienne Pierce for a while.

Many artists spend too much time trying to convince audiences that they are talented. As far as Pierce is concerned, no need to worry; the talent is naturally there. In “Oh Deer,” her third album, she lets it speak through atmospheric tunes that match a beautifully endearing voice and innocent yet poetic lyrics.

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