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Recessions End

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Cendrine Marrouat: On your website, you say that, “your particular experience of recession will end when you take the simple steps of deciding that it will, creating a plan and taking action toward that end.” How can people reinvent themselves in this challenging economy?

Michael Everett: Reinvention is exactly what it’s all about! The larger economy will reinvent itself because that’s what it does. It’s up to us to reinvent ourselves. My story is extreme, but it illustrates what a lot of people are feeling right now, which is that it’s time to make an important and dramatic change. It’s also about understanding that this change is different for everyone. For some, it’s about getting out of the rut that they are in, whether that’s being unemployed or being in a job/career that they don’t like and making that bold leap into what that annoying little “voice” has been telling them to do for way too long.

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