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PictureHealing is a mobile photo-sharing app similar to Instagram, Path and PicPlz, which allows users to earn donations for their favorite charities simply by sharing pictures.

Meet Christopher Brereton, the Executive Director of the startup, in this exclusive interview.

Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Christopher, thank you for answering my questions. As a starter, introduce yourself briefly.

Christopher Brereton: Hey! My name is Christopher Brereton. I am the Executive director of PictureHealing, a mobile photo-sharing app that raises money for charity by allowing people to take and share photos. PictureHealing is coming soon to both the iPhone and Android phones.

CM: Is there a particular event that triggered the idea behind PictureHealing?

CB: There was no single event really. There was what I call my “Aha!” moment, when I decided to quit my job, develop an awesome team, and started working out the idea to create something that was social, scale-able, and focused on creating as much good in the world as we could! Working for a pay check just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. So I sold the farm if you will, and dove in head first!

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