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Alexandra Penn

Alexandra Penn - Picture courtesy of guest

Launched in 2003 in Toronto, Champions Against Bullying is a non-profit organization that heightens awareness to the issues of school bullying and youth violence across North America. It is my pleasure to feature Alexandra Penn, its founder, and a bullying expert.

Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Alexandra, thank you for answering my questions. As a starter, tell us a little bit about you.

Alexandra Penn: Hello Cendrine and thank you for your interest in youth violence and the protection of children. I am a mother, writer, editor, special education counsellor, crisis intervention specialist, workshop leader, speaker and founder of Champions Against Bullying.  

Before we move on, I want to acknowledge Leigh Rachel Faith, the organization’s very able Director of operations, who among other things, spearheaded our expansion into the U.S.

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