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Webpage: http://www.thesagittarian.com
Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

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The Sagittarian (Experimental / Pop / Techno / New Age) Producer, artist and director, The Sagittarian is on a free spirited journey of creative music production. The Sag enjoys mixing up genres like a child changing radio stations. Sounds crazy, but by doing this, he has discovered some totally original soundscapes that make him a unique producer.
He gathers his main influence from artist such as Moby, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Empire of the Sun and Enigma. The messages in his music are very much based on raw unbridled feelings such as freedom, love, sorrow, happiness and illumination. These tracks are often delivered with his own melodic vocals that are reminiscent of George Michael.

Early days of producing earnt him street cred with tracks such as “Liferider” (no.1 mp3.com, most popular Base Jump video on Youtube with over 700,000 views) and later, as he progressed into more diverse sounds, we heard tunes like “Karma Killer” (Best video “Knack Award” Kodak Fringe Festival).

The Sagittarian has also produced award winning artists such as “Maisey Rika” under his own label Moonlight Sounds (founded in 2006). A successful career in film and video has given him the chance to bring amazing imagery to his music through his videos. (The Sagittarian directed “High Octane”, a no.1 selling performance car documentary). “Illumination” is the title of his debut album due for release March 29th 2010. It includes a wide variety new tunes, a no-holds-barred whitewash of his producing abiltiy. The Sag has also returned to his roots (Techno) with songs like “Illumination” which will make you feel like your riding the flying creature in The Never ending Story.


Company : Moonlight Sounds (Maisey Rika, The Sagittarian, Rob)
Contact : Shae Sterling
Date : 22-3-10
The Sagittarian’s long awaited debut album “Illumination” hits shelves March 29th. It features 12 tracks produced over the last decade including his biggest hit to date “Liferider”.

The Sagittarian uses a wide range of influences from the likes of Moby, Fatboy Slim, Engima and Empire of the Sun. His sound has been described as a fresh new mix of Techno/Experimental and Pop with uplifting messages and lyrics. New songs include “Illumination”, an exotic trance/pop crossover with a vibe reminiscent of Moby’s early releases. Dance tracks vary between the dirty electro slammer “Gypsy” (I made a sexy time), the more pop friendly “Lump of Love” (which could be described as Eiffel 65′s next hit) and “Insane”, a slick house/dub track featuring samples from Finley Quaye (Sony/BMG).

The Sag has a strong history in underground dance music and also success as a producer. He has successfully brought award winning Soul/Acoustic artist Maisey Rika to the stage under his own record label Moonlight Sounds.

The Sagittarian’ s debut album will be available in all good NZ record stores, international mail order CD and iTunes worldwide.

artist webpage : http://www.thesagittarian.com artist contact : info@thesagittarian.com