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Webpage: http://www.drenauld.net
Location: Washington, DC, USA

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Monique L. Manning
Astre Management Group
(240) 354-7207

The Twelve ‘Aural Apostles’
dRenauld Offers A Sonic Salvation Via Sincere Praise

WALDORF, MARYLAND (02/24/10) – Long ago, twelve apostles traveled the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus. They each used their own unique talents to enlighten souls to a message of salvation. In dRenauld’s debut album Sincere Praise it is twelve radiant tracks that will act as twelve ‘aural apostles.’ They will each have their own inimitable style and will soon span the world to spread the message of the Gospel. With a distinctive urban-gospel style, the talents of dRenauld offer a ‘Sonic Salvation’ through the twelve tracks on Sincere Praise.

dRenauld heard his calling and began developing his innate musical gifts very early in his childhood. By the tender age of five he had already begun to perform as a vocalist. He continued developing his muses, which included songwriting, singing, and performing. dRenauld elaborates, “I’ve has always known my destiny as being called into the music ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Through Sincere Praise, dRenauld is ready to share a spiritual message of hope, encouragement, and salvation.

Sincere Praise is a smooth and seductive musical milieu of contemporary Christian, urban, and Gospel. However, the compositions also add a silky and polished R&B/urban mood mixed in a melodic menagerie meant for the masses. Chilled-out ballads such as “My Story” and “Touch” are laden with lyrical meaning and positive uplifting messages. Up-tempo tracks “Got This Feeling” and “Make It” tap into a divine spiritual vigor. dRenauld’s exceptional vocals are vividly apparent in songs such as “Sincere Praise” and “Because of You.” All of the tracks on Sincere Praise are original and composed by dRenauld with production help from Antonio Rivera of A1 Productions Entertainment and Al Fraser of Smoothbeatsonly.

Sincere Praise is a passionate and uplifting album. dRenauld has shown he is blessed, and willing to use his gifts to be an instrument of God’s message. The Creator has plans for this creator that has spent years mastering his muses. dRenauld now sends out twelve tracks – his twelve ‘aural apostles.’ Through Sincere Praise, these twelve will enlighten souls to a sonic salvation.

MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT:  www.drenauld.net