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Website: www.BrianONeal.com
Location: Detroit Michigan

“In describing Brian O’Neal; words such as talented, compassionate, and inspired come to mind. Brian has mastered several instruments, but he is a pianist extraordinaire. Brian has graced the stage with recording stars such as Wil Downing, Fantasia, George Duke, Maze and Stevie Wonder. To hear Brian O’Neal play is to understand the meaning of “Soul Music”. Brian bends and breaks down musical boundaries with a transcendent style of self expression.

In addition to his musical artistry, Brian O’Neal has the heart of a champion. He started the “Do Foundation” to raise public awareness about the plight of the homeless. He gives his time and resources freely to be a bridge over troubled waters. Either way you meet Brian O’Neal, as musician or philanthropist, you come away a better person.

Join us on WAGTi Radio as we shine a light on the brilliant star affectionately known as “Bean”; Brian O’Neal.” ~ Christopher L. Fields