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Review http://www.wagtiradio.com on alexa.com

Such a beautiful site. A wonderful place for indie artists to showcase their talent. A wonderful way for exposure to a grand audience. One great stride for indie kind! Love it Love it! ~ Crystal Wigfall

I love being able to tune into WAGTi anytime in my work day and know I’ll be listening to great music…and always surprises! The interview segment in the evening is as good if not better than the NPR interviews I’ve listened to. The guests are so diverse and the questions are smart and sometimes compelling and always interesting. April Sims and Chris Fields are two of the best interviews I’ve heard. I love this station! ~ Michele Slater, Baby Jade PR

As a former BTR & internet radio host it feels good to be a listener sometimes and WAGTi Radio is a station I strongly recommend. I don’t hear the same song all day and that by itself is a major statement. I am really honor to be a listener and very happy that the station is there for me to listen to. ~ DJ Seaniemo and friends

This station was designed to empower the independent artist and help them reach a worldwide audience that has been out of reach. It is amazing to tune in and hear my tracks playing! Now I can include having radio airplay into my package as I continue to grow and build my brand. This has been a God send.

The owner and brain of this audience seems to add to the appeal of the station. April Sims is already a multi-talented artist now she seals her legend by allow in independent audiences to share in her popularity. She seems to stand by the name her company stands for “We Are Greater Than I”. She has openly embraced us all. Congrads April Sims and the WAGTiRadio Family!!!!!! ~ Lamont Carey

Time and time again I’m totally enthralled with the plethora of great talent that the so-called established music industry overlooked and – heard and that I find on WAGti. I am really grateful to have crossed paths with April E Sims and her tireless efforts of creating and maintaining a platform for indie artists. With April being an accomplished artist herself, WAGti is the ideal environment for striving artists as they find both a heart of understanding and mutual dedication as well as technical wizardry and marketing know-how, which are required to yield farther exposure. Thumbs and toes up for April and WAGti! ~ Werner Nieke

April has provided a platform for indie artists to have their voices heard. Such a positive message being sent from the whole foundation of this WAGTi radio. I would call it a Godsend for indie artists because its by them for them. Keep up the good work girl and continue to share your passion with the world. In no time people will see that WAGTi radio is the best thing since sliced bread! ~ Nicole Wigall Davis

I love WAGTi Radio!!! ~ Antoinette Dickson

These is an excellent site for indie music, information and overall music industry news. Much success to you and the WAGTi family. ~ Darryl Williams, WDKK Radio

WAGTi Radio is a new radio station that will play indie music and spoken word on a 24/7 basis. It is wonderful, in my opinion. Underexposed artists will have the golden opportunity to be heard. ~ Cendrine Marrouat, SoulPoetrySite