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April Sims is the cornerstone and architect of the We Are Greater Than “i” Radio and Social Networking Sites. As the Program Director for WAGTi Radio, April Sims provides a roadmap to success for Underexposed Artists and Entrepreneurs via support and education. April Sims is a Spoken Word Artist, Author, Photographer, Marketing and Networking Advocate with a passion for Educating and Elevating the clientele that she serves. April Sims broke the traditional mold of the Arts and Entertainment format when she shifted the emphasis from showcasing to empowering the artist. We Are Greater Than “i” is more than a slogan, it is the lifeline for Art and Business going forward, and April Sims is at the forefront of the movement.

Christopher L. Fields (Chris) is a Wordsmith and the visionary author of the phrase; WE Are Greater Than “i”.  As the Communications Director for WAGTi Radio, Chris is the liaison between Artists, Entrepreneurs and the Global Community we proudly serve.  Chris is a Poet/Spoken Word Artist mentored by the world renowned Watts Prophets.  In addition to WAGTi Radio, Chris works with “at risk youth” providing them with the tools for effective communication utilizing poetic expression.  Chris is a self published author, actor and radio host with aspirations to elevate and unify the artistic community, while entertaining and educating our audience. Chris believes that your mind is like a canvas and WAGTi Radio is providing the paint for the Masterpieces that you’ll create. Memberships: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Cendrine Marrouat is a profound writer who gives a voice, both through written and spoken word(s), to others that do not have a voice or are afraid to use their voice(s). Her words touch your heart and soul, because they come from her heart and soul. Cendrine is also very active in the arts community. She believes that “WE are GREATER than i” and shows this through her actions each and every day. She does more than talk the talk. She actually walks the walk she talks about.

Vincent Versher is a Contributor for WAGTi Radio and Crambole.  Vincent has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience with an emphasis on technology, and 7 years in the entertainment technology industry. Having worked with technology brands HP, Microsoft, Apple, and Sony to name a few he was able to leverage that experience and knowledge when approaching his blog and writings in the entertainment industry with unique understanding of the fusion between entertainment and technology.